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Samantha Jewel is a Carbon Warrior and a Climate Solutions activist.

“Lets stop talking about the problem and just get on with fixing it!”

And she aims to connect you to the solutions! She comes from the pioneering family that brought Australia “The Pancake Parlour” back in 1965. As a result, she understands not only the economic realties of food but also how people relate to food, like no other.

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After watching this slideshow, I have discovered many amazing facts about climate change and how we can reduce it effects on earth. Things like composting your garden, using eco friendly methods of farming and even thinking can change the environments.

13 YO Student from Workshop

“Elegant Solutions” is a thoroughly engaging, highly informative, easily readable book posing achievable solutions for addressing the climate issue through the food we eat and the way we grow it.

Rick Tudor, Headmaster of Trinity Grammar