How SAM Helps

Through her extraordinary work as an author, speaker, educator, activist and carbon warrior, Sam opens your head, heart and hands so that:

  • You know exactly what you can do and why you do it, to position yourself, your family and/or your business as a contribution to the solution (participation).
  • You gain new insights on what are the major trends redefining what it means to feed your family and the greater planet (foresight).
  • You are armed with stories to sell the collective vision and influence others so they share in these ideals (enrolment).
  • You learn how to engage others and use this knowledge to create more effective consensus in your world. (mindset).
  • You gain a 9-step process to follow as well as for inviting people to buy in more effectively (modelling).
  • You appreciate a different level of meaning for the term “Health and Well Being” (health).
  • You identify what you know, what you need to find out and how you may even be able to do this with others around you (talent).
  • You develop an ability to quickly distil information from all walks of life so you can use it in your quest (expertise).
  • You know what to do (action).

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After watching this slideshow, I have discovered many amazing facts about climate change and how we can reduce it effects on earth. Things like composting your garden, using eco friendly methods of farming and even thinking can change the environments.

13 YO Student from Workshop

“Elegant Solutions” is a thoroughly engaging, highly informative, easily readable book posing achievable solutions for addressing the climate issue through the food we eat and the way we grow it.

Rick Tudor, Headmaster of Trinity Grammar