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Hello world!

Welcome to my world!

For all those interested in improving their health, beauty, sexual life and the climate at the same time… read on!

I now deliver small workshops at home on Whole Life Health and managing that make/break point that epitomises our frantic existence with the internet and growing financial demands in an ever expanding and dynamic global population.

Life is about balance, and finding your own balance, is really the journey.

Everyone is unique so what I say here is only my observation of my own life and those I have had the privilege to witness.

Ultimately you must seek that which gives you joy (not sedation or the illusion that all is great through the comforting fugue drugs, thus failing to address issues that appear insurmountable). We must all seek the smallest steps that we CAN do and do them til we feel some level of success within our own abilities not rated against others. For even, the most amazing people have their own journey and areas they struggle with, which you may find easy.

The most profound tool you have at your disposal is your mind.

So use it. Observe it. See what makes it function at its best and most joyous state and you will find creativity and solutions begin to pour from you.

I am sure you have all heard the saying “Healthy Mind, Body and Soul”. For many of you this is easy to understand, for others who perhaps don’t believe in a soul then this construct will not serve them.

So instead I am going to reduce it to this.

The body reflects what you instruct it to do together with its own innate cellular programming since inception. It has a trajectory of survival and you, as a being, as an identity that has creativity and choice, CHOOSE to listen, rebel, nurture or destroy that urge to suit your own desires.

Your mind is like a software that appears to interface with the chemicals in the body and the hardware of the brain and gut (yes, the gut has brain cells in it). Both influence each other. The brain relays the innate signals it comes hardwired to respond to by default both in the collective signature of the species’ survival and the individual instructions of our genes, together with the learned instructions of its environment and upbringing. However, the mind does appear to be able to be altered somewhat, with conscious practise and choice.

The ‘soul’ appears to be that which has the potential to choose to instruct the mind, to create ideas and move the mind. It also appears, to a greater or lesser degree, to be limited or grown by the other two.

That said, each is intimately tied to your choices.

Some people choose to influence all three with mind-calming things like yoga, which treats neural pathways and physical factors in the health of the body to calm the mind and bring health to the body through flows and increased oxygen filling the cells through the practice. Others find the adrenaline pumping activity of heavy cardio exercise does this. Others still, choose to look at every detail of their food and water intake.

Whatever your choices, you can influence all three with what you do or do not do with even the smallest of decisions.

My focus is food because I see the body as an amazing prime organism that has tremendous potential. To me, that can only be enhanced through the power of certain nutrient-rich foods and medicinal plants that trigger the micro-connections and activities in the body that literally get clogged with the garbage we subject it to daily.

If you think of the body as a battery cell and imagine the fluid in it being old and used up. As you could imagine the electricity would not flow and thus the battery is useless. Like a battery, the fluids and nutrients we eat affect this ‘cell’ and create amazing results.

But how do you access these nutrients?

Because plants have roots like straws, drinking up whatever is present in the soil, what is there or not there and what micro filters the plant may use to select what it absorbs, will determine the level of a nutrient is in the food we eat.

Just because a food is called organic does not necessarily reflect its health; as the term ‘Organic’ is generally referring to the level or lack of poisons the plant had to deal with not the quality of minerals that were available to it.

So how do you know if what you are eating is right?

Learn to listen to your body. Spend time watching it react to your food choices and experiment with similar foods from different suppliers. Do you feel energised or heavier? Brighter and more cognitive or dopier and harder to concentrate or sleep?

Your body has a strong feedback system but many of us have simply tuned out and don’t listen to it. Luckily, it keeps talking so it is simply up to you to learn to listen.

Happy eating!

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